Available courses

This training course is to help teachers understand school policy, regulations, contact, and how to start regular teaching.

These course is presented with 10 videos on 10 topics covering the major functions used during teaching.

Topic 1_Logging in to the Classroom

Topic 2_Video Layouts

Topic 3_Sharing Your Screen and Audio

Topic 4_Controlling the Microphones

Topic 5_Annotation Tools

Topic 6_Disable Atendee Annotation

Topic 7_Allow Recording

Topic 8_Chat Box

Topic 9_Remote Control

Topic 10_Ending Class

This course provide an overview introduction of trial class.

Another function of trial class is to advice the students English level that they can start from at Whales. Each teacher is required to fill up the after-class feedback for every students.

This is for English Beginners

This is of Level 1-Level 3 students.

This is for students of Level 3 to Level 5

This is for students of  level 5 to level 7

Oxford Reading Tree 1

Oxford Reading Tree 2

Oxford Reading Tree 3

Text books Wonders Grade 2 and Grade 3.

60 hours to cover one grade level.

60 hours to cover one grade level.

Teachers with teaching history or literature background is preferred.

20 hours to cover one volume, with 3 volums in total.

16 hours to cover the writing topics.